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Lockouts | Tally's Towing and Recovery Roadside Service - Owensboro, KY

Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that you lock your keys inside the car, or your automatic car locking system has locked the car with the keys still in the ignition. When this happens, the most common reaction is to try and gain access using whatever you can get your hands on, damaging your car in the process. Thankfully, for residents in Owensboro, KY and the surrounding areas, we’re capable of resolving lockouts quickly and without damaging your car. Our lockout services include:

• Non-destructive methods to gain entry
• Most makes and models covered
• Affordable, time saving service
• Quick response and resolution
• Trained up-to-date auto locksmiths
• 24 hour service for help at any time of day

At Tally’s Towing and Recovery Roadside Service, we understand that in most circumstances when lockouts occur, speed is of the utmost importance. You might have a child, or a pet inside the vehicle, or you may be in a hurry to go somewhere important. No matter what situation you find yourself in, we take pride in getting to you and gaining access to your car quickly. We have extensive experience in dealing with lockouts and have a variety of manual and electric methods to retrieve your keys or gain access.

There are various reasons why people experience lockouts, including broken or damaged keys, keys snapped in the ignition, or keys locked inside the car. For anyone who experiences the above, it can be very stressful, but our auto locksmiths are trained and well equipped to sort the issue out for you quickly.

For a fast solution to a lockout that won’t damage your car, call Tally’s Towing and Recovery Roadside Service today and we’ll be happy to help.